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terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009


* Megadeth - Waking Up The Dead (Live) (2009)

Gênero: Thrash Metal
País: EUA

Track List:
01.Sleepwalkers                   [03:47]
02.Wake Up Dead [04:54]
03.Take No Prisoners [03:30]
04.Skin O' My Teeth [03:21]
05.Washington Next [05:57]
06.Kick The Chair [03:53]
07.In My Darkest Hour [05:32]
08.Hangar 18 [05:19]
09.Burnt Ice [04:28]
10.Tot Le Monde [04:06]
11.Tornado Of My Souls [05:59]
12.Ashes In Your Mouth [06:03]
13.Symphony Of Destruction [03:56]
14.Trust [05:10]
15.Peace Sells...But Who's Buying [05:36]
16.Holy Wars [07:20]

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